Currently, we use so many different apps to stay connected with other people. The instant messaging apps are here to stay and we can find different options in the market. However, there



Communities are the new trend currently. We all want to join a group of people who think as we do or who likes the same things. There different ways to create a



Nowadays, we use a lot of instant messaging apps to communicate with our family and friends easily. These apps are everywhere and we can find different ones on the market. But, one



If we talk about instant messaging apps, there is one that we could say is the most popular: WhatsApp. This app has a lot of years in the market and remains like


Messenger Lite

One of the biggest social media platforms nowadays is Facebook, a huge company that has millions of users. And everybody that uses Facebook probably already knows about Messenger. This is the instant


Google Classroom

Online classes and homework are the newest trend nowadays, and a lot of people are looking for new tools to keep up with their school tasks. There are different apps where you


Google Duo

Making videocalls and videoconferences are the new norm and everybody is loving this way of communication. There are different apps on the stores to make this possible, but recently Google has launched


Group Me

One of the most important in life is communication, whether you communicate in a professional or personal environment. To connect with people is what makes this social life worthy. That is why