These are the list of apps that most share data

The subject of privacy has been in the mouth of many people lately. The discussion started a long time ago, but it got a lot of heat recently with the new policy from WhatsApp. Even though the company have explained why they were requiring access to all of that information, people started a boicot to the app and other apps that the public consider were taking too much space. This is how everybody began discussing about the privacy and how much is too much for apps.


Apple got very strict about this subject, and in the new iOS upgrade, integrated a new protocol where people will be shown all the information they are showing to the apps and how much they are giving permission. This way, every user will be informed about what they are agreeing or not. And since it is the company taking measure about the subject, statistic companies had an easier access to measure how much data are taking this app.

If you are aware of the situation and you want to know what apps are taking too much space and sharing data with others, in this post we will leave you the list of app that are sharing data.

List of app that are share data with third parties

These are the apps that most share data with third parties: Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Uber Eats, YouTube, Ebay, TikTok, Reddit, Snapchat, Spotify, Tinder and Twitter.

We can see that the main app sharing data and information with others is Instagram, followed by Facebook. This is not a surprised, since Mark Zuckerberg has been called even by government parties to discuss the situation. These apps take information from your profile so they can target ads much better and show you accurate ads that are related to your activity and what you like.

However, many people are questioning the limits of this information, and it these apps might be taking too much ground.

It is also surprising how other apps are showing up in the list, like Linkedin, Uber Eats, and other less used like Snapchat, Twitter or Tinder. These list brought the discussion of privacy again and people are questioning if these apps are safe to use.

The privacy issue that we need to talk about

Companies like WhatsApp have declared that their permission are just related to get accurate information to show the user interesting ads. However, some companies like Apple are taking measures about it in pro of protecting users. The UK release new laws regarding online information which were also limiting the use of these apps and avoiding them to share their data.

It is a matter of time so we see what will happen with the privacy subject. But having the list of apps give us a better perspective of how apps work and what apps are taking data from us to sell to third parties.

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