The Xbox app is adding a Stories feature to share gaming snippets

We have seen the risen of stories in pretty much every social app. Stories started in Snapchat, and from then, they have expanded all over social media apps, coming to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even LinkedIn. Now they are coming to the Xbox app too where users will be able to upload short videos of their games, share with other what they are doing and interact with each other in a new different way.


It would be way too simple to not think of the Xbox app as a social media app, when it basically a platform where users share their favorite games, progress, interact with each other, get to know the latest news, follow content creators, and more. So, as a social media, it was just matter of time for this app to have stories. However, some people have shown their surprise about this decision and are not sure that it is a good addition to the platform.

You can now express yourself through the Xbox stories

If we think about it, gamers and content creators are doing already the same. Sharing short videos of our experience in games, sharing the best moments, the most intense and fun, are part already of the app, but we share them in different formats. Stories come to make it easier, simpler and easy to access for everybody, and also to make them more popular among all users. Clearly, the company is trying to use the sense of familiarity we already have for stories so we can use them like any other app.

It is not sure if this will be a great addition or not and it is understandable that some users are concern about it, but in reality, it makes a lot of sense to have stories in Xbox, since all content creators and users are already sharing the same short videos but just in a different section of the app. So, it is probable that users will take advantage of this new feature and use it regularly. However, we also need to think about other apps that try this and didn’t have a lot of success, like the famous Twitter Spaces. Could be this another case of unpopular stories?

In any case, we will be able to enjoy the stories feature in the next version of the app, and as soon as it is out, we will have it on our devices. You can also upgrade your app manually to get the latest app too. This new version of the app will be coming out soon, so be aware of the next releases. We will be updating this subject and giving you a review when the app is out.

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