The official Clubhouse app is finally available for Android

The past few months we saw how one app built huge amounts of expectations all over the world. We are talking about Clubhouse, an app that became extremely popular in a short amount of time and people are desperate to get it. If you haven’t heard about this app, then get ready because in this post we will tell you the entire story and also we will explain what you can do with this app and how to get it.


Clubhouse was launched a few months back. Since it was a small app that was starting, they launched a beta version of the app that was limited. It was only available for iOS devices and you could only get it if you got an invitation. These limitations seemed enough, but they didn’t realize that at the same time, the same limitations were creating expectations. People got very interested in this selected club, and everyone wanted in.

The popular app Clubhouse is finally ready for Android

Android users have been waiting not-so-patiently for this app. Since it was only available for iOS, Android users were left out of all the action. The company realized that they were getting popular, so they started working on the Android version too. Finally, the past few weeks the app became available for Android and now everybody can download the app if they want too.

But what is Clubhouse, actually? And why is it so popular?

Clubhouse is a social media app that is trying to innovate the game. Instead of being a platform to share pictures, videos or texts (which we already have very popular apps for), they offer voice rooms. Basically, you can join the app and join different rooms. Each room has a subject or topic, and people can join as a participant or as a listener. If you want to participate, you can send voices explaining your point of views, sharing knowledge and more. If you don’t want to talk it is fine, you can just listen to everybody’s experience. The app is great for debates and to learn more from different people. You can join any room that you are interested in and start talking.

The reasons for its popularity, we think, is due to different factors: one, a great social media marketing plan; two, the initial restrictions. These limitations transformed a simple app into an exclusive experience that only a few could have. This idea of exclusivity made people get interested in it, so in a couple of weeks, millions were desperately trying to get in.

What happened to Android users is that many fake apps started to appear to take advantage of the situation. Many of these apps promised to be the real official app, and they ended up to be fake versions that didn’t work at all, and some of them even were infected with malwares. The long and painful wait has ended, and now Android users can have their app knowing that it is the real one, safe and fun. You can download the app by going on your Google Play Store, search for Clubhouse and install the app.

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