Spotify launches Greenroom, an app to voice chat with other users

Spotify is a popular streaming platform where millions of users enjoy their favorite music. This company bought Betty Labs, the developers of Locker Rooms, with the promise that they would go into the market of audio rooms, which has been on demand lately. Spotify, being in the music and audio industry, is trying to gain momentum and develop a secondary app where their users can create their own audio rooms and chat, express, share, have fun, and more.


Audio rooms is a proposal that got very popular through apps like Clubhouse or Twitter Spaces. It is basically a section or an app that allows you to create a room, a space, where participants can talk to each other through voice audios. Each room has a specific topic to talk about, and people can share their knowledge on that subject, express their opinion, discuss different subjects, help each other, gain knowledge, and so much more. This is what Greenroom is trying to be too.

Greenroom allows you to chat with others through voice audios

The new app that Spotify is creating will be a secondary app where users can login with their Spotify account and start enjoying the rooms. Basically, you will be able to create or join your own room, choose the topic you want and invite people to participate. You can join other people’s rooms to share information and participate.

The idea behind this app is that creators and artists have a closer relationship with fans where they can interact easily. This way, Spotify artists have a way to engage with users, fans, express themselves, share what they are doing, get an instant feedback, and so much more. So if you are a Spotify artists or you are interested on a musician that is here, then you definitely need to get this app.

You can participate on the room or just listen to what people is sharing. This app will work similarly as other apps like Clubhouse or Twitter Spaces, and the idea is to innovate what social media platforms are bringing to life. So far, Spotify has been just a streaming platform, but through this new app, they can join the social media market too, which is one of the biggest markets right now.

As soon as the app is available, you can download it. The app will be available in all the countries that Spotify is available, and you can login with the same account. So, to join Greenroom, you need to create or have a Spotify account first, but it won’t be necessary to subscribe. Once you are in, you can easily start enjoying all the features that this app has for you.

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