Google Photo stopped giving free and unlimited space: here is what will happen to your photos

At the beginning of this month, Google Photo changed its plans. As it was announced months ago, the app stopped giving free and unlimited space. Now, if you upload photos and videos to the app, it will be discounted from your Google space, which is an overall free space for all the accounts. The problem is that it is just one space for all of your apps, so we now have 15 GB free storage space for Gmail, Drive, Google Photos, and so on.


From now on, every time you upload a new picture or video on your Google Photos account, this space will be discounted from your unique 15 GB. Of course, Google gives the option to buy more space, but this is an option that not many are willing to do. So, what will happen to all your photos? What can you do? How much will it last your free space? We will tell you everything here on this post, so you can be aware of all the changes that are happening.

Google Photos is not unlimited anymore

The good news is that if you have many pictures and videos on your app already, these won’t be counted on your space, which means that if you have thousands of videos or pictures, it doesn’t matter, they won’t be deleted or affected by this new change. If you manage to upload all your photos before June 1, then you can be glad because these won’t be touched at all.

Now, the pictures and videos that you upload from now on will count, and every time you upload something, this space will be discounted. You need to keep in mind that there are two setting to upload pictures, original format and high quality. The original format of photos and videos are pretty heavy compared with the high quality option, which is more compressed without losing image quality. So, if you change your setting to high quality, you could save more space and still use the app.

If you want to know how much time you have left with free space, Google gives you the statistic. You will find this on the app in the storage section where the app calculates how much time you have left if you keep uploading pictures at the same rhythm. This lets you know before time how much space you still have so you can take a decision about upgrading to the paid service or use another app.

If you have a Pixel or a Google device, then you don’t need to worry about this because Google gives free and unlimited space in this devices. The changes are for the rest of Android and iOS devices that uses this app.

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