Google Meet is no longer unlimited for free accounts

It has been a year and almost half since the pandemic started. This event has made many things in life change, and since the beginning, different companies and services went all out their way to try and help people. Google Meet was one of these services that during this time make an exception and they offered unlimited services to everybody. This way people could communicate with families and friends, and companies could still have meetings to keep functioning even far away. Through this measure, thousands could use this platform to hold their meetings and have a regular time even during these events.


It has been 15 months since the company offered unlimited services, and now they are wanting to go back to normal. They are announcing that soon Meet will have, again, some limits to free accounts. At the beginning, this will impact mainly big companies and business that hold large meetings with many people, but it is expected that later they will add more limitations to all free accounts. Let’s see what these limitations will be and what can we expect right now.

Google Meet starts to put up some limitations on their calls

As we mentioned, the platform has a lot of months being completely unlimited. This means that anybody could make use of it, make long calls to anybody and hold conferences and meetings without any restriction of time or participants. Now, they want to start implementing the first limits, and it will be the time. From now on, any free account that wants to have a meeting or conference with big groups it will have a time limit of 60 minutes.

Through the announcement they said that this was trying to be a slow transition, because they understand that many are used to the platform without limits. So now, when you are in a meeting that has a big group of participants, the system will notify you around the 55 minutes, so everybody can now that the conversation time is getting over. This gives some window for people to get ready and say goodbye.

This limitation, as we said, was mainly targeted to big companies and business that are used to have big meetings through the platform. So if they still want to have the meetings without time limit, they can subscribe to the Workspace service that costs €9,99. Small meetings with just a few participants won’t be affected by this and they can use this app for hours if they want to, so they can still take advantage and use this platform without any limit.

It is logical that later the company will want to introduce new limits to the app since this is a platform created to be a part of the Workspace service, but until then, people can easily use this app to make their calls and have their meetings if they are short.

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