Gmail is adding a new security method to avoid phishing

We have seen the past months that Google is trying to make different changes in all of its apps and systems. Gmail is no exception and now they trying to stablish a new system to keep their users safe. This is because the last years the number of phishing has been skyrocketing, being more intelligent, accurate and easy to believe. Millions of people have been under attack and the email companies are aware of this. So, Gmail wants to take a new step to avoid phishing and protect its users.


Gmail is part of the BIMI Association; this is a group that is integrated for various email companies. For example, MailChamp is here too. The BIMI agreed that they were implementing a new method to avoid frauds, and it is through the use of the company’s logos. Even though Gmail was incorporated last year, it is until now that they want to add this new method to its emails too. So, let’s see what it is all of this about.

Profile pictures with a logo will indicate that the email is safe

The system implemented by the BIMI is very simple. They ask for a verification of each business and company, and if they get correctly verified, they can add their logo to all of their emails. This logo will appear on the profile picture, and when someone sees it, they can know that the email is safe and actually coming from the official business or company. Gmail will implement exactly the same.

Now, each company and business that wants to add their logo will need to verified their authenticity. Once this step is done, they will be allowed to add their logo as their profile picture, which will indicate that the email is safe and official. Why will this work? Because adding a logo will be now limited, and only verified companies will be able to have it.

This way, now when you receive an email, you can easily check if that information is safe or not. If it says it is your bank account but it doesn’t have the logo on, then that email is not official. Only emails with the logo will be verified, and you can check this easily in your inbox. Just with a look people will be able to tell if they can trust in that information or not depending if they have the logo or not, which is a simpler and easier way to verify it.

At the beginning, it is probable that many businesses won’t have the logo until they complete all the steps to be verified. Until then, we need to still keep an eye on and be very careful with all of our emails. But once many of the companies are on board, it is very probable that the numbers of phishing will drop significantly.

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Gmail is adding a new security method to avoid phishing

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