Apex is now available for smartphone devices

If you live battle royale games, then you already know Apex Legends. This incredible game came out some years ago and since its release it went pretty popular all over the world. Millions of people jumped over the platform and start enjoying the apex world. Now, this game will be also available for smartphones and you will be able to download the app and enjoy it on your phone easily.


In 2020 there were many rumors about this game coming to the smartphone devices, since so far it was only available for consoles and PC. It was recently that the creators of the game announced that they were getting out this new version in April 2021. The game is already available in a beta version and you can access to it depending on where you live. In this post we will tell you everything about this game.

This is what you can expect from Apex Legends Mobile

Apex is now available in a beta version, which means that this is basically a test app so developers can know what they need to fix or improve, and the company can also know how good is the receptivity of the game. So, for now and probably for a couple of months, the game will be only available for India and Philippines. It is expected that a few months later we will be able to have the game available worldwide and that it is no longer a beta version.

At the beginning, the game will be available only for android devices. However, they have already announced that iOS devices will also enjoy the game, but that the release for this system will take a little bit longer.

About what we can expect from this game is, for example, that it won't be a cross platform game. Compared with another similar games, Apex won't allow smartphone users to play with users from other consoles or platforms. So, we will be available only to play with other smartphone players.

The game is a faithful replica of the original one, so we won't be experiencing many chances. The main differences with the smartphone version is that they will add some special features for personalization, like new skins. However, they have mentioned that they won't add improvements or any additional help through purchases, any upgrade that needs to be done, has to be done by playing.

Apex Legends Mobile is available in beta version and if you have the chance, we totally recommend you to download it and start to enjoy this game. It is totally worth it, fun to play, and very entertaining.

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