Android 12 will give you the option to hide your ad ID from apps tracking your activity

Recently, many Android users have been worrying about privacy and their security. There has been a long discussion about apps taking too much information from us and tracking all of our activity. From conspiracy theories to proven facts, we know that some apps are basically recording everything we do on our devices to sell the information. Apple decided this year to start informing their users about what apps were doing, and it depends on each user to accept or not. Now, Google wants to offer something similar to its users.


Android 12 will be the next operative system, and Google is trying to implement different changes. Now it will include the possibility of hiding your ad ID, which can limit the apps that track your activity. This is going a step forward than Apple, because not only they are giving you the information about what apps do, but they also give you the option to completely hide you ID so any app can track your activity.

Google allows you to hide your ad ID

Since all the debate about privacy, information about what apps track. Apple made it transparent, and now every app needs to show what type of information they take. This give us an idea of how invasive apps are. From this we learnt that navigators and browsers are not anymore the apps that track the most information. These spots are now reserved to social media apps and stores. Some of the apps that most track your information are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Messenger, Amazon, Wish, and similar apps.

Even though each app has an explanation about why and how they track our activity, many people and companies are considering too much. Most apps do this to do segmented ads, which are more accurate, so they basically sell our information to other businesses. It is all part of the marketing system they use, but some users feel like their privacy is not respected in this process, and that some permissions are way too invasive.

To avoid this, Google wants to make some changes. Each Android device has an ad ID, which is an individual number used to track the activity on the device. What do they do, what do they search, what are the interests, taste, likes and concerns of the user. All information is valuable to sell better. But now, Google wants to hide this ID number, so apps don’t have a way to track our activity. This will help the user to keep using the apps without worrying about its privacy and apps won’t have any way to record or track any of what you do.

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