Tiles Hop

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If you are looking for a fun game that makes you think fast, Tiles Hop will be an excellent option for you. In this fantastic game you must guide a jumping ball following the rhythm of the music without missing a single note. It is a game that will make you think and react so as not to miss a beat, and it will surely keep you entertained for many hours. Download Tiles Hop right now on your mobile device to start playing.


Tiles Hop best features

Tiles Hop is a very fun game, perfect for the whole family. To begin with, one of the best things you will find in this game is its beautiful and captivating design; the game has colored lights and very nice animations that will make you relax and get lost in the music and the movement of the ball. And this is the main function of Tiles Hop, that you relax during your busy routine.

The music within the game is a key piece, since you must follow the rhythm with the ball to complete each of the songs. Move your finger to the right or left of the screen to control the ball. In case you miss one of the notes you will have to start the level again. Each time you complete a level you can unlock new music to continue playing.

Among the songs that you will find when you download Tiles Hop are classic melodies, original songs created for the game and many songs by famous artists that you can choose to play. Play piano or guitar melodies, and prevent your ball from losing its way to win. If you manage to complete a song without making a mistake, you will enter the bonus area where you can earn many more points and special prizes.

Final Review

Tiles Hop is a very good game for mobile devices and we are sure you will enjoy it. Compared to other similar games that you can find in the app stores, this one has a greater variety of songs and the design of the game is very beautiful. Tiles Hop is an ideal game for competitive people and you will have a lot of fun while listening to good songs. Download Tiles Hop on your mobile device to discover for yourself all the tools that this app has for you.

How to download Tiles Hop?

If you want to start playing with songs and relax with this game, you just need to download Tiles Hop right now. This app is available on Google Play and the App Store for Android and iOS devices. You can play this game on your Smartphone or Tablet, and we recommend using headphones for a better experience. At the end of this post we leave you the links so you can download this app.

Tiles Hop is a completely free game, but you will need an internet connection to play. Inside the app you will find some optional purchases; you can use real money to buy new songs and advance faster in the game. Download this fantastic game right now and start playing; improve your reflexes and unlock all songs with Tiles Hop.

17 votes
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