Subway Surfers

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When talking about legends in videogames, one of them is surely Subway Surfers. Even though this game is not that old, its launch was many years ago but it is still one of people favorites, and there are many reasons why. The thing about legends is that they never get old and this is exactly the case of Subway Surfers. This wonderful game is all about agility and strategy. Into the game the main purpose is to escape from the cop that it trying to arrest you for doing graffiti’s illegally. Yes, this is so cliché and that is why we love this game so much. Here we will tell more details that maybe you did not know about the game until now. Keep reading to discover more.


Subway Surfers Main Features

To begin with, there is one thing that could maybe be the reason why we still play Subway Surfers, and it is that the game has infinity levels. Yes, you read it right. Its creators just worked on the game so hard to give the chance to get updates from time to time to be able to reach brand new levels, in different cities from all around the world, and with a highest difficulty level too. When you play Subway Surfers you never get tired of it, because there will always be a new level to reach and to challenge yourself.

Another great feature of this game is that you can switch you character from time to time, this way you never get tires of watching the same boy running. There are other characters to pick while you reach levels. They will be unlocked once you reach certain levels. This motivates us even more to keep playing the game, since we all want to get all characters ready to be used whenever we want. Believe us when we say not everybody is capable of getting all Subway Surfers characters. You could be the one between your friends.

On the other hand, the personalization of the character is what we love the mots, since we get the chance to dress up the boy, the robot, the girl, or whatever character we pick, with accessories and clothe we want. This is so cool because we can be still being original and put our personal touch to the characters. So you can pick the character you like the most and give them your style using all the tools the platform has and make them look cooler.

Playing this game is actually pretty simple, since there are only 4 moves to do. You can move to the left, to the right, up and down in order not to crush against the obstacles you will see in the race. That race will be in the train station so there are many things you can find in the middle. While you make your way through the station, you will also be able to collect coins and starts that represent your incomes, and with them you can get new features for you character, such as new accessories, nitro speed and many more things that might be useful to get the victory in every single level.

Final Review

We surely recommend this game for all those who are looking to have so much fun and excitement when playing, because it will always get you on the edge of your seat. Subway Surfers is a game for all ages, because it is really easy to play, and the game itself it really eye-catching, so people of all ages would like to have it in their phone.

How to Download Subway Surfers?

It is pretty simple, you just need to go to the Play Store or App Store, whether you have an Android or iOS device, then tap on the Install button and the game will start to download. After just few second it will be ready to be used.

12 votes
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How to Uninstall


  1. Enter the settings menu and look for the applications section.
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  1. Go to the home screen of your device.
  2. Long press on the app until it starts to vibrate and other options appeared.
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