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If you meet people and decide to take on the challenge of doing so online, I present you to OMEGLE.  I'm talking about a website, quite popular during 2006, that was born with the premise of being an online space to chat with people of interest similar to yours from anywhere in the world.


OMEGLE is defined as an anonymous place, where you can start conversations with people randomly and without the need to register. At first glance, it's an attractive idea, but you should be aware of the risks you may be exposed to with its use.

Your choice to connect the webcam is one of the tools that has caught the most attention of so many people since its launch, although security has never seemed to be the strong of this platform, another of the factors by which one has to think well whether to access it or not.

If you still don't know her, but you're curious about how it works, here I tell you more about its characteristics, peculiarities and risks, which there are also.

Main characteristics

Registration is not one of the requirements to start using it. Being an anonymous platform none of the participants have to identify themselves.  There are no usernames, no ages, etc. unless participants give that data, which is not highly recommended.

The first thing to use OMEGLE is to select the language you want to speak. Being international, people from all over the world connect, so it's possible to reduce the number of people you can have a conversation with.

Another option it offers is, as already mentioned, to choose between written chat orvideo. Normally, most people who access this page select the second page, because, if they have a camera, they want to live the experience in its fullness.

It is also on this first page where you must select your interests. This is optional, as directed, but it  can help you find people with the same tastes as you. Sometimes it is not very accurate or people who are unrelated to some interest access that label.

Once everything is selected, the page redirects you to the chat where you can talk to that randomly chosen person, but if you don't feel comfortable, you can always stop the conversation and have OMEGLE connect you to another user. 

Final review

Dare to make new friends with OMEGLE. This app gives you the opportunity to chat with people you don't know anywhere in the world. OMEGLE's  website  that goes  back to those first chat rooms and for that reason, gives you the pleasure of chatting with complete strangers. Without commitment and spontaneously, set up conversations on this site without having to register, create a profile or if you prefer you can create a nickname.

How to download

OMEGLE's mechanism is really simple. You can access the official website in the same way from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Although there are apps that make it easy to use on these latest devices like Chat for Strangers. Remember not to lose sight of your safety, that is, be cautious, while you enjoy the experience.

As well, you can go to Google and type the name of the application, in this case OMEGLE, read the directions and choose how you want to chat, through Chat or Video.  It also offers you Spy Mode, whichgives you and a stranger a random question to discuss.  The question is sent by a third stranger who can also see the conversation, but cannot join. What are you waiting for, make new friends with OMEGLE.

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How to Uninstall


  1. Enter the settings menu and look for the applications section.
  2. Select the "Manage apps" option.
  3. Choose the app and locate the option to uninstall at the end.


  1. Go to the home screen of your device.
  2. Long press on the app until it starts to vibrate and other options appeared.
  3. Press the "X" to remove the app.


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