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Dare and discover Messages, Google's official application for sending messages (SMS, MMS) and chatting (RCS). Send messages to whoever you want from your phone or computer, with the reliability of a text message and the functionality of a chat. Stay in touch with your family and friends, send group text messages and share your favorite images, GIFs, emojis, stickers, videos and audio messages.


Main characteristics

This app has a cleaning, comfortable and intuitive design, because thanks to instant notifications, intelligent responses and a revamped design, you can now communicate faster and more fun. Dark mode allows you to use Messages seamlessly when there is low light. Also, share more easily, in other words, select or take photos and videos directly from the app and share them easily. You can also send audio messages to your contacts. Another feature is that you can have more animated conversations, because you can send audio messages, emojis, stickers or your location. In addition, you can send and receive payments with Google Pay.It's also more efficient, because you can now find more shared content in your conversations: tap the search icon and select a particular contact to see the history of messages you've exchanged and all the photos, videos, addresses, and links you've both shared.

Final review

Free Messaging Apps is like default SMS app. You can send Free SMS by using messages for Samsung. Using the lite messenger you can send both SMS and Chat messages, (Messages + SMS).

MESSAGES Chat Features (RCS)With certain carriers, you can send and receive messages over a Wi Fi network or your data network, see when your friends are typing or have read the message, and share high-quality images and videos, among other things. Messages are supported on devices that use Android 5.0 Lollipop and later.

Free messaging apps provides users with an easy way to send and receive messages plus comfortably and safely.  Its free Messages.
The Messages interface is instant messenger and different messages are organized chronologically so that you can search and find any of them easily. Swipe across your screen to easily locate any of your messages and tap to open them up for a quick read. Not to mention messege handy search tool that provides you with a simple way to locate any message by running a quick search for specific words, contact names, numbers or by the date you received massage, text  Now, another of the advantages in messenger is that you can block certain unwanted contacts by tapping on them or marking notifications as already read. Messages is without question the best option when it comes to managing all your SMS and MMS texts on your Samsung device.

How to download

It is important to have a Chrome Extension used to download and archive Facebook messages (chat/conversation). Use this extension to download your FB messages.

To start downloading, please follow these steps: Open the conversation in the full mode using the following link:, select the conversation that you want to download. Press the Message/Chat Downloader extenstion icon in the address bar. Select the date range you want and press start download.


Make sure that you don't leave or close the page until the download is finished. Depending on the number of messages the download might take from seconds to several minutes, when the download finishes the page will be updated to only show your selected conversation. To save your message, go to File->Save Page As and save it.

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How to Uninstall


  1. Enter the settings menu and look for the applications section.
  2. Select the "Manage apps" option.
  3. Choose the app and locate the option to uninstall at the end.


  1. Go to the home screen of your device.
  2. Long press on the app until it starts to vibrate and other options appeared.
  3. Press the "X" to remove the app.


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