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How many times have you had to take more than 10 pictures in order to finally get the result you are looking for? Sometimes it is really hard for us to find that good angle or the perfect light to take pictures. There are many apps to make corrections on your pictures but none of them are like Facetune, the best photo editor you will ever find. You can take your picture and edit it right away.


With Facetune you will be allowed not only to correct your skin, face form or lips, but also the background and light of the picture. This application is one of the best when it comes to editing pictures and getting professional results. Download Facetune by following the instructions we give you below and get the app right now to make your pictures look amazing.

Facetune Main Features

When it comes to photo editors we always look for the ones that offers different features to correct and add to pictures, and this is exactly the case of Facetune, due to you can take the picture and start editing it right away in the app, by correcting skin, eyes, cheeks, eye brows, and all those aspects you think could look better.

Use Facetune to correct or modify backgrounds in pictures. It happens a lot that we take pictures without actually caring about the background, and then we just hate it, but this is not a problem anymore since you can change it the way you want with just few clicks.

Update your social media profiles by adding the most beautiful and original pictures ever, using filters and lights from Facetune. In the app you will find different kinds of features to add to each picture, such as painting and light effects. Also use some filters to make your pictures look cooler and vintage. Select the one that better suits to your style and use it in all your photos in order to make your feed look professional.

Final Review

We always love to talk about photo editors, since now that everything is about social media, we are looking forward to looking wonderful in each picture we take, so we definitely will make use of this app at any time. Download Facetune by following the instructions we give you below and start editing your pictures right now with the best app. We highly recommend Facetune for you to have it in your mobile or tablet, the app is totally free so you do not have to make a payment in order to use the app.

How to download Facetune?

After that review we are sure you must be wondering how to get the app and the answer is pretty simple. As you can see, below this post there is a “download” button, if you tap on it, you will be able to download the app automatically, just remember to connect your device to a wifi signal first, so the process is faster. This app is totally free and available for Android and iOs devices.

On the other hand, you can write the name of the app on the search bar of the Google Play Store or the App Store, then select the right icon and tap on the install button to get the app. After just few second you will be able to use it, and the only thing you have to do is to register using your email or Facebook account. Once you have the app you can start taking as many pictures as you want and editing like a professional with Facetune, the best editor ever.

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How to Uninstall


  1. Enter the settings menu and look for the applications section.
  2. Select the "Manage apps" option.
  3. Choose the app and locate the option to uninstall at the end.


  1. Go to the home screen of your device.
  2. Long press on the app until it starts to vibrate and other options appeared.
  3. Press the "X" to remove the app.


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