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Education is the base of society and with technology, different ways to get closer to the students have been created. Now, teachers do not have to make out an innovative way to teach, and they do not have to spend plenty of hours checking homework, because there is actually an app that makes this process easier. Class Dojo y the perfect app not only for teachers, but students and parents, because this is a platform where all of them can keep track of the educational process.


Class Dojo is a communication scholarship platform that looks forward to joining parents, students and teachers in the educational process every singles day. More than 180 countries around the world, especially The United States of America, use this platform in their daily basis in order to find an alternative way teach and learn. Keep reading this post to discover more about this wonderful tool.

Take notes and suggest your children school to use this innovative platform to enhance their educative strategies, by using technology as a tool for communicating.

Class Dojo Main Features

To start with this, we would like to say that as a parent you will have plenty of options to use the platform, that will allow you see what your child is doing at any point of his education. The first thing you will have access to, are videos and pictures teachers can share into the app, so you can actually see what they do in class and all kind of group activities.

Moreover, the app offers the option for the parent to chat privately and secretly with teachers about children development and any other kind of topic related to their education. This option is actually very useful because teacher have the opportunity to contact parents directly without stressing out the child.

In addition, parents also have the option to review the last two weeks of points received by your child, which makes so much easier to keep a register of the improvement. We think this is a wonderful tool schools from all around the world have selected because it actually takes care of students in a way never seen before in a platform.

Final Review

When it comes to education, we are always looking for applications and portals that help improve students’ performance in a proper way. We highly recommend Class Dojo because it is the best option to guarantee your children education. So now we will tell you how to download this app for you to try it right now.

How to download Class Dojo?

We know you must be corious about this platform after reading the features it has. The process to get the app is pretty simple that even your children can download it by themselves. Class Dojo is available for free in the App Store and Google Play Store, so will not have to do a payment in order to use the platform. Just tap on the “Download” button we put below this post, and it will route you to the page for downloading the app automatically.

On the other hand, you could also write the name of the app on the search bar of the App Store or Google Play Store, and select the right icon. Then you just have to tap on the install button and the app will be downloaded. After just few minutes it will be ready to be used. Even though, this downloading process is pretty fast, we recommend you to connect your device to a wifi signal in order to make the process even faster.

3 votes
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How to Uninstall


  1. Enter the settings menu and look for the applications section.
  2. Select the "Manage apps" option.
  3. Choose the app and locate the option to uninstall at the end.


  1. Go to the home screen of your device.
  2. Long press on the app until it starts to vibrate and other options appeared.
  3. Press the "X" to remove the app.


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